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mybetterpayroll is an automated, cloud-based payroll system crafted to alleviate manual payroll tasks from clock in to payout. Built to adapt to the Philippines' salary compensation and benefits, mybetterpayroll leaves you no worries with its quick, accurate, and easy 360-degree payroll approach.


Gone are the days of the mundane and redundant payroll computation work. mybetterpayroll does everything, so you don’t have to.

A few things we’re great at
<>Convenient Filing and Approving

Quick and Customizable Account Setup

mybetterpayroll only needs to know a few important things about how you perform payroll. Once done, you’re good to go!

Automated Bank File

Hassle-free Employee Data Uploading

One-time import of unlimited number of employee database or manual employee data entry, your choice.

Hassle-free Employee Data Uploading

Automated Bank File

Your employees’ most-awaited moment, made even faster with mybetterpayroll’s automatic generation of every employee’s payroll file. You only have to hand it out to the bank.

Comprehensive Payroll Reports

Check your employee’s time and attendance at a glance, downloadable as a CSV or Excel file.

Compliant to the Philippines’ Payroll Salary Compensation and Benefits

Compliant to the Philippines’ Payroll Salary Compensation and Benefits

Holiday pay, overtime pay, nightshift differential, SSS, HDMF and PhilHealth contribution – name it, we got you covered.

Comprehensive Payroll Reports

Accessible Government Forms

BIR, SSS, PagIBIG, and PhilHealth forms for your company and employees are generated and uploaded in the system available for viewing and/or download.

24 /7 Access

24 /7 Access

With our cloud-based technology, employees can log in anytime, anywhere they want on any device.

Quick and Customizable Account Setup

Convenient Filing and Approving

File and approve leaves and overtime work at your fingertips! No more unpaid work hours with our real-time email notification system.

payroll for startups and small businesses

As a startup, mybetterpayroll has already gone through manual, tedious payroll tasks. You don’t have to.

mybetterpayroll is specifically designed to address payroll issues that a startup and small business in the Philippines face. Now, you can manage payroll with ease.

It’s BETTER, it’s FREE.Get your free account now!

Partner Programs

Why Partner With Us?

mybetterpayroll’s mission is to provide a complete, reliable, and cost-effective payroll solution to Small to Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines. Join us in our mission through our partner programs.

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Solution Provider Program

mybetterpayroll Solution Providers are experts in delivering end-to-end business software solutions to help address the growing needs of SMEs in the country. mybetterpayroll as an integratable solution, completes the end-to-end process, optimizing all aspects of business while allowing SMEs manage financials and human resources better. Our program grants solution providers access to great opportunities in the continuous rise of startups looking for a complete, end-to-end business solution from a single provider.

BPO Partner Program

mybetterpayroll Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partners, either an individual or a company, provide payroll services to SME clients based on mybetterpayroll platform. mybetterpayroll, with its pre maintained statutory compliance as value-added service, equips BPO partners efficiency and productivity in handling SME clients with varying payroll scenarios in a single, flexible platform.

Some of Our Customers

James Francis MabanagJames Francis MabanagSto. Nino de Novaliches School
...what impressed me the most is the customization of services & reports which can be done personally that gives them an advantage wherein time and urgency in resolving employees’ salary matters a lot.
Jemil TerciasJemil TerciasTERC Builders Group Corp.
mybetterpayroll is a real game changer. Doing this recurring task [payroll] becomes much more easier and reliable.
Floi WycocoFloi WycocoTGFI
mybetterpayroll fits its name perfectly. It helps processing our payroll efficiently - from excel manualcalculation (which is prone to error) to mybetterpayroll (which is automated and less risky for error). What we like most about it is the well thought of feature on the government deductions as well as the automaticcomputation on OTs and Holiday OTs. mybetterpayroll is uncomplicated, which is ideal for us who are not that gifted in terms of technology use.